Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Much Can I Get For False Imprisonment Lawsuit?

I need Know How much My Case Is WorthHow Much Can I Get For False Imprisonment Lawsuit?
I presume you are the victim. False imprisonment is very serious, but differs greatly. You should be granted what the Court deems right for the wrong done against youHow Much Can I Get For False Imprisonment Lawsuit?
There is a book called ';What's It Worth?'; you may wish to look at. Any public library with a decent law section should have it. But the other responses are correct. It makes a big difference whether you were permanently paralyzed by a police beating during a wrongful detention, or whether you were just briefly detained. Outrage alone is not worth anything.
Lawyers can give you a range based upon their best guess of the outcome IF they believe you can win your case (they'll base the damages amount on the laws of your state, the facts, other similar cases, your jurisdiction, etc.), but no one can give you what you want: a dollar figure. You'll need to consult a lawyer with all the information about your case.
anywhere from nothing to many millions of dollars. call a couple of attorneys around you. they'll give you a free consultation and tell you if you have a case.
how can we answer with no details of your case

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